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…with US$80,Cheap NFL Jerseys China,000 in donationsThe Canadian-based mineral exploration Company, Guyana Goldfields Inc, as part of its corporate responsibility, has divided US$80,000 among several social and aid groups from across the country in their effort to spread Christmas cheer.Some 12 service groups were the beneficiaries of cheques that would go towards the further development of their respective agencies.The company,Wholesale Jerseys, which has been present in the country since 1994,Supply Cheap Jerseys, said that it is committed to, “doing it right,” and contributing their fair share to the society, which has welcomed and allowed them toRecipients stand with Guyana Goldfields inc. officials following the presentations.conduct their operations.Chief Operations Officer Lello Galassi told a gathering at the entity’s Thomas Street,Cheap Jerseys Online, Georgetown office that the company is pleased to be giving back to community and aiding further with the sustainability of communities.He charged that as the company seeks to move forward with a massive gold-producing project, it is optimistic, and welcomes closer collaboration with agencies offering technical skills and training relevant to the mining company. He pointed out that a strong relationship could be developed with these agencies so that in the various stages of the major US$238M Aurora project, the local manpower would be available.Country Manager Violet Smith related that Guyana Goldfields has expended about $120M in exploration activities in the country after surveying one location and eventually moving to another. The company is expected to pour in its first gold bar in 2015 when Aurora hits the extractive stage. Despite the huge sums being invested in exploration alone, Goldfields says it is committed to giving back to the community.The company thus explained that the sum donated at yesterday’s event was a gift from the Bank of Montreal, which conducted equity financing for the company. Smith related that the bank wanted to host a party for the company, but it was felt that that money could have been used more meaningfully, and requested that the sum be donated.Portions of that money were provided to the Linden Technical institute, Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, Joshua House,wholesale jerseys, the Society for the Blind and Help and Shelter, among other service groups.Representative for the Linden Technical Institute, Dennis Jaikaran, expressed gratitude to the executive of the mining company giving a commitment that the funds received would be used for projects dedicated to the technical requirements of the company. He opined that a partnership could be formed between the two entities in a manner to develop various fields for technical pursuits in Guyana. This he noted would involve the relevant training and skills needed for the company’s technical arm.Cynthia Massay of the Ptolemy Reid Rehab Centre also thanked the company for the sums received. “There is no better motivating factor than when organizations outside of the disability area recognizes the work that we do.”Massay assured that the money will come in very useful and will go towards its intended purpose.The company in the new year is expected to recognize other organizations for its societal contributions.

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