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作者: hunikiergo    時間: 2018-5-16 21:35     標題: Cheap NFL Jerseys Simon Hazelwood

By Samuel WhyteFounder and director of the internationally acclaimed ‘Congo Nya’ folk group, Ivelaw Eon Alexander James,  aka ‘Brooks’ has released his first book of poems called ‘Talking Blues’.The launching took place at a simple ceremony held recently at James’s residence at Stanleytown, New Amsterdam, Berbice. Present at the launching were President of the Guyana Rastafarian Council, playwright and a long time friend of James, Ras Leon Saul; Simon Hazelwood and James’s son, Ras James, the present leader of the ‘Congo Naya’ group.Ras Leon Saul (left) and Ivelaw James display the bookJames who hails from New Amsterdam spent most of his life in the world of culture.Speaking at the book launch he stated that he wanted to become a doctor. “I was ‘bright’ and had the aspiration of accomplishing my ambition, but due to some indiscretion on my part I never had the opportunity to fulfill my dreams.”He said that he was thrown out of school because he was a ring leader and had half of the boys following him to skulk and go swimming.  He also stated that he wanted to become a teacher, but had some difficulties with what was being taught. He did not want to teach what the British taught him.“I wanted to teach African tradition, African History, Culture and things like that. I wanted to know more about myself and my culture. I wanted to teach culture, but things did not work out.”During the ceremony which was also attended by well wishers and friends,Cheap NFL Jerseys, James, who suffered a stroke, was referred to as a teacher and an inspiration for young minds in the community.Ras Leon Saul, himself a New Amsterdamer,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, described James as an inspiration.“In my young days Ivelaw was a great sportsman. I have seen him develop into an opinion leader who has worked to develop New Amsterdam, which he did through his cultural exploits and sports and working with the youths.”Saul who also referred to James as his mentor, said that as the leader of the ‘Conga Nya’ group, James has invited him to play an active role in its upcoming programmes. Among them is the 250th anniversary on the Berbice Slave Uprising in 2013 and the launching of Conga Nya Internationally slated for February2013.The ‘About the author’ page was written by another longtime friend and pal of James, Simon Hazelwood,Cheap MLB Jerseys China, aka “Ropes’,Hazelwood saw James as a leader,Discount NFL Jerseys, mentor and an inspiration to many. In an emotional little address, he castigated those who honoured “Black People” in Berbice for forgetting James. “Recently they honoured persons in New Amsterdam and no one remembered old boy Ivelaw.”He opined that for the number of good things James has done for this country; the amount of fame he has bestowed to this land, he has not been recognised. He called on the government and other civic-minded persons and organisations to play their part.“Talking Blues” contains 28 poems of different spectrums including youth,Wholesale NBA Jerseys China, culture, religion,NFL Jerseys Store, sports and Guyana and its independence.The ‘Congo Naya’ group is an NGO which was registered in 1988. It first came to prominence in 1984 at the Guyana Broadcasting Corporation Folk Festival. The goal of the organization is to contribute meaningfully to the economic, cultural and social development of its members and to Guyana as a whole.

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