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Captain Gerry Gouveia has been elected to lead the Private Sector Commission (PSC) following the 16th Annual General Meeting of that group on Thursday at the Hotel Tower.Gouveia succeeds Michael Correia. Ramesh Dookoo was elected Vice Chairman in place of Col (Rtd) Carl Morgan. Bert Sukhai was re-elected Honorary Treasurer and Bal Persaud, outgoing Executive Director,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, is the new Honorary Secretary.The Council represents the 14 sectoral organizations and 20 corporate members who are charged with electing the new Executive Management Committee.In his farewell speech, Correia singled out the work of the military with respect to border security and was convinced that the continued work of the Joint Services will be critical in creating a peaceful environment.He charged the PSC members to continue volunteering their services, which although at great personal sacrifice of time and money,Stitched Jerseys, is not a wasted effort.“A strong country needs strong institutions; institutions that are patriotic,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, that are independent,Cheap Jerseys From China Outlet, that respect the rule of law and that are willing to stand up for what is just and right. I submit to you that this is what the Private Sector Commission has become today.”Captain Gouveia expressed his admiration for the “wonderful job” performed by Correia in further building and restructuring the Commission and in leading by consensus.Urging for support by the Council Members, Gouveia said that there will be times when trust in his good judgment will be required and the Commission must “step up to the plate” and make its voice felt on those public issues which are of concern to the nation.It is essential that the Commission keeps the channels of communication open to the government and to all of the “many organizations and interests in civil society and to the people and that it was important…”Gouveia emphasized that to meet the many challenges ahead,Jerseys NFL Cheap, the Commission must be prepared and ready “to reach up,NFL Jerseys China, to reach down and to step out”.

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