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Parliament gun start Wednesday and at least one party done put in de names of de people it want in Parliament. De Pee Pee Pee prepare it list but it ain’t send it in yet because Rohee seh that when de party think is time then it gun send in de list.Dem boys remember when Desmond and he party had to move from de east of de Parliament to de west.  After 28 years of sitting one place is not nice to move to de other side and got people talking down to you.That is why de party that lose does pick young people who never had to sit down pun de other side. De old ones does shame to go back into Parliament.And to mek thing worse is when de man who was de opposition leader is now de President and he got to deliver de address to open de Parliament.Donald can’t tek that suh de party believe that de best thing is to miss that part of de Parliament. Some people can’t tek de shame.But dem got nuff others. Lisbet gun get she chance and if Donald ain’t go she could lead de House although dem boys seh that Rohee wouldn’t stand fuh that. Whatever de case,Cheap NFL Jerseys, some people begging Donald fuh send in de list because dem got to get pay.Dem boys seh that dem had people who run and join de party because dem believe that dem woulda cash in on de money that was sharing around. Well that money dry up because Soulja Bai put a clamp pun all of that. De only money that deh round is legal money.But that don’t mean that Soulja Bai ain’t put he people fuh find out wheh illegal money disappear to. Is another story when dem boys find that money and decide to seize it.Nuff people gun cry and de other set gun be glad fuh de pay that dem gun get in Parliament.Gail gun got to find another source fuh give she de million dollar a month phone credit. In fact,NFL Jerseys China, dem boys seh that she stop using de phone since de elections come and gone.And Kwame? People want to know if he dead or alive.Talk half and help dem boys find some missing people.

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