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作者: hunikiergo    時間: 2018-4-16 21:04     標題: Cheap NBA Jerseys China one diamond ring

A young Tuschen,Cheap Jerseys From China, East Bank Essequibo, businessman is currently counting his losses but is thankful to be alive after he was attacked by four armed men on Friday evening.According to reports,Cheap Jerseys, four gunmen walked into “Weggie’s Grocery” posing as customers while the store was about to close its door and staged their attack.The proprietor of the store, Clarence Cozier, said that the incident occurred around 20:30 hours.The man recalled that there was a power outage in the area and just as the power was restored two of the men entered the store and purchased cigarettes.“After I sell dem de cigarette they just stay and liming in the shop…so right away I know something wrong and then I see two other men in front.”The man said that having realised that something was amiss he immediately called on one of his employee to close a door leading to the back of the store and to his house.“By the time I call de boy one ah de man run to he and put a gun to he head and bring he at de back ah de shop.”Cozier said that once in the back of the shop, the men, all of whom were armed with handguns,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, began demanding cash and gold.According to Cozier,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, after he had handed over all the cash that was in the store they men began demanding cash.“I tell dem that it ain’t got no mo money so they ask who is de owner fuh de place and I tell them that I is de owner son. Then they start beating me fuh mo money.”The man said that he and his three other employees were then taken to the storeroom aback the shop where they were tied up with duct tape and entered his house.Cozier said that one of the men then returned to the storeroom, untied him and escorted him into his house.“When dem carry me in the house they pick up knife and hold it to meh neck and tell me if me ain’t give them no more money dem gon kill me.”The businessman said he then directed the men to another amount of cash.Once that money was handed over the man said the men tied him up again and told him not to make any noise.According to Cozier,jerseys from china, a short while later he heard a vehicle approaching the house and the men left.He said two of his employees who were tied up in the storeroom managed to free themselves and then came to his rescue.Once freed, the man said he immediately ran further up the street to relate to another relative what had transpired.“I went by meh sister and she tell me to report it to de station so we lef fuh go to the station.”The man said that while on their way to the Leonora Police Station they noticed a police patrol and decided to stop them and inform them of the incident.The man said the police immediately escorted them back to the store when a report was taken and early yesterday morning the man said ranks revisited the scene and lifted fingerprints.Cozier said the men made good their escape with $800,000 in cash; $80,000 worth in phone cards,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, one diamond ring, one gold ring and a silver band.The businessman further expressed his frustration over the crime situation in the Tuschen Scheme. He said this is the second robbery that he has suffered with the past year.

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