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作者: hunikiergo    時間: 2018-1-10 22:26     標題: Wholesale Jerseys USA Yannason Duncan

Three cases of teenage pregnancies have emerged from the Wakapau Community since April. Today,Wholesale Soccer Jerseys, residents are ashamed to talk about the issue.Recently elected Toshao,Jerseys China, Errol Williams,Cheap Sports Jerseys, said that he did not have any explanation of the recent report of the 15-year-old,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, who is said to be five months pregnant.After community health workers learnt of the pregnant teen’s condition,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online, arrangements were immediately made for her to be transported to the Suddie Public Hospital to have a procedural examination conducted by doctors working at a senior Hospital.In July, a 15-year-old Wakapau teenager was similarly hospitalized after it was found out that she was pregnant.Matters got worse after reports revealed that the teenager’s father had impregnated her. The man was subsequently arrested and charged with the offence of having sexual relations with a child under 16 years. He was remanded to prison.Earlier this year, another 15- year- old from the same Community made the news after she gave birth to twin boys.The teenager was allegedly raped by a family member. A report was lodged with the police but to date,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, no arrest of the alleged accused has been made.One of the twin babies has since died. The mother is planning on returning to School in the New Year.And three teenagers at Onderneeming Sand pit were all pregnant at the said time. One has since given birth.The three friends had all dropped out from the Pomona Secondary School. Members of the Welfare Department visited the Community after learning about the issue.(Yannason Duncan)

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