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標題: China Jerseys Wholesale and several league executives. [打印本頁]

作者: hunikiergo    時間: 2019-1-29 17:27     標題: China Jerseys Wholesale and several league executives.

In light of the bullying scandal last season involving the Dolphins' Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito, both sides want to improve the working atmosphere. Goodell last month targeted this meeting as a chance to create open lines of discussion about the issue.
On hand along with Goodell on the league side were new NFL director of football operations Troy Vincent,Chelsea Away Kit 18/19; Giants owner John Mara; Packers president Mark Murphy,Wholesale Jerseys China; Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome,Nike Shoes Clearance Sale; Panthers coach Ron Rivera,Air Max Womens Australia; assistant coaches Hue Jackson and Rod Marinelli; and several league executives,Wholesale Jerseys China.
NEW YORK (AP) — NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and union leader DeMaurice Smith met Tuesday to discuss the league's workplace environment,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping.

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