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…One fewer than previous yearBy Jeanna PearsonWith one case short of 2014’s maternal mortality rate, it looks like Guyana might have missed its goal to reduce maternal deaths by three-quarters between the years 1990 and 2015.As of December 30, Guyana had recorded 17 maternal deaths, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr Shamdeo Persaud revealed.He said that the Public Health Ministry was still gathering data and as such a few cases were still under investigation by a committee to determine whether they were either a direct or indirect pregnancy-related cause.In 2000,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, a total of 189 world leaders met at the United Nations (UN) Millennium Summit and accepted the Millennium Declaration. It was there they agreed to the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which are intended to overcome poverty and other related targets. One of those goals was to improve maternal health and reduce it by three-quarters between 1990 and 2015.So far, the maternal mortality ratio has decreased from 270 per cent in 1990 to 86 per cent in 2012. Therefore, in order to achieve its target, Guyana would have had to reduce its maternal mortality rate to 67.5 percent by the end of 2015.Public Health Minister, George Norton,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, stated that while he is saddened that Guyana was unable to meet the millennium goal,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, the Ministry will still continue to tackle the issue and bring it down to the lowest in the Caribbean.“We made a commitment in our campaign trail to have maternity mortality rates reduced and we uphold that,” he said, adding that the majority of maternal death cases were pointing directly to the negligence of health care professionals.“We have recognized that we have a real problem on our hands and we have decided to tackle it by taking a multi-sectoral approach,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale,” he said, noting that the ministry plans to improve the physical conditions of maternity facilities, especially at the Georgetown Public Hospital.He stated that he was not satisfied with the response of the health care practitioners, highlighting that it was brought to his attention that some doctors were more “concerned about changing over shift than tending to mothers”.‘I want the doctors to be more involved. They are negligent and I will not hide that fact. I’m hearing talks that I’m micro-managing everything, but if that’s what it will take to stop mothers from dying and dropping the maternal mortality rate, so be it,” he added.He said that he is aiming to have doctors in the delivery room at all times, instead of just the midwives and nurses. He noted further that he will hold every nurse or doctor accountable once they are found being slack.“They will be investigated and sanctioned. I’m not satisfied with them being sent on leave or six months suspension. That is not enough for the life of a mother and her child…instead of me sending back the report to the medical council for a lesser sanction, like it was done in the past, I will do the contrary and send it to the medical council for a higher sanction.”Persaud stated that the major causes of maternal deaths this year were haemorrhaging and shock, pregnancy-induced hypertension and septic abortion.Last January, 19 year-old Marina Persaud, of Golden Grove, died of an intestinal rupture after delivering her baby on Christmas Day. It was her first child. Three months later a 22-year-old woman died on Good Friday during a botched abortion at a bottom house clinic.A month later,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, another young woman died after delivering her first child by caesarean-section at the Suddie Hospital.  This was 20 year-old Yonette Williams-Grey.  She died after undergoing an emergency C-section. She was 38 weeks pregnant when she was rushed to the hospital. She was suffering from Eclampsia,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, which was pregnancy induced hypertension.Her family had recalled her complaining of severe abdominal pains before she started vomiting. On her way to the hospital she went into a seizure.Her family claimed that there was no first aid treatment or oxygen administered to Grey. She was sent immediately for the emergency c-section. After the surgery she was placed on life-support and her baby was saved.Akeisa Richardson was another young mother who died several days after giving birth. She died at the Georgetown Public Hospital where she was patient in the intensive care unit. The hospital had stated that she had begun experiencing seizures shortly after labour.Recently, a United Nations (UN) report revealed that Guyana was among five countries in the region with the highest Maternal Mortality Rate and among six nations where the incidence had amplified notably between 1990 and 2013.Seventeen-year-old Nikacia Allen died in October at the Georgetown Public Hospital after giving birth, via Caesarean Section, to her third child. She gave birth in September and was hospitalized for a month until her death. It was her third C-Section.Allen’s womb was removed after it became infected and she started bleeding profusely. The bleeding never stopped after the surgery. Her mother had related that a contraceptive coil was inserted in her daughter following her second pregnancy but it was removed after she began bleeding frequently.The most recent case was at a private institution, where Liloutie Ramlall was delivering her first baby; neither she nor her baby boy survived. An autopsy report revealed that Ramlall died from Hypovolemic shock and rupture of the spleen due to a C-Section. The baby died of a neonatal respiratory distress, a condition which made it difficult for him to breathe.Persaud said that the ministry is looking to establish high risk clinics for pregnant women. He stated that there was a need for early identification of mothers who were high risks in order for medical practitioners to monitor their situation.He said that it was very important for these mothers to be under close observation along with every medical institutions have an adequate supply of blood for emergency situation.He said further that the ministry was working assiduously to reduce teenage pregnancy since it is one of the causes for high risk pregnancy.The CMO also insisted that an acute shortage of Obstetricians was another reason for the high mortality rate. He stated that they were looking to increase the number of Obstetricians through training programmes. He indicated that they were collaborating with their UN partners to have foreign practitioners visit Guyana to train Obstetricians.“We are also advising pregnant mothers to register early at clinics so that we will better able to evaluate their situation. They also need to attend their clinics regularly…we recommend the minimum of four visits in the first eight months of their pregnancy,” he implored, adding that the mothers need to work along with the medical facilities.According to Global Causes of Maternal Death: A WHO Systematic Analysis, more than one in four maternal deaths are caused by pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes, HIV, malaria and obesity, whose health impacts can all be aggravated by pregnancy.The Pan American Health Organisation had stated that based on current trends, many low- and middle-income countries, including countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, will not achieve the goal.“Despite advances in the last 20 years, there has been too little progress in preventing adolescent pregnancies, abortions, maternal deaths, sexually-transmitted infections and HIV, and there are significant gaps in availability, quality and access to comprehensive sexuality education and services for young people, especially in low-income countries,” PAHO said.